What Are Flower Essences?

And What Can They Do For You ?

Flower Essences are created

from the ‘alchemical’ synthesis of

 pure life-sustaining water,

and life-giving sunlight

‘Food of the Gods

 . . . or

Music of the Gods?

Flower Essences are vibrational remedies. There are no material active ingredients within the water and brandy solution in a flower essence bottle. A chemist will tell you, your bottle contains only water and brandy!

Some people may be skeptical, at first, when confronted with this notion. But this is basically due to the limitations of our technology for analysing subtle vibrational frequencies held within water.

Flower Essences work in a similar way to music. There is no doubt that music affects people (and some animals) deeply. Music can change your emotional mood more swiftly and dramatically than anything else in your environement. But music is only a stream of frequency waves — nothing more than this!

music written on paper flower by MorningbirdPhoto [Pixabay]

Apart from the carrier substance of water (and usually brandy as a preservative), flower essences are the pure vibrational emanations of flowers. And just as with music, they affect us deeply, and often dramatically — but only ever in an enlightening way.

The benefits of the alchemical combination of flower, sunlight, and water, were perhaps first discovered by the peoples of antiquity when they sipped the dew from flower petals in the early morning sun, eventually recognising a different feeling that resulted from various types and colours of flowers. Modern day flower essences are essentially no different from this. There are no other magical essential components.

These remedies are a unique gift as they capture imprints from the positive consciousness of the living flowers. So they are necessarily produced with reverence for the spiritual qualities within nature.

You could equate flower essences with the ancient Greek notion of ambrosia, the ‘food of the gods’. In the even older language of Sanskrit, this would be amrita, ‘water of life’ (translated literally as ‘immortal’.)

Since the 1960s, scientific research, using polygraphs, has proven that plants (as with all living things) have a form of consciousness. They are aware of our intentions and they recognise our own vibratory signatures. Also, the more recent research by Masaru Emoto has demonstrated the power of water to hold patterns of energy, whether of sound or emotional/mental emanations.

. . .  More in my forthcoming book, Healing the Source.

How Essences Are Made

( A Very Brief & General Overview
for your interest only )

In a fairly pristine environment, flowers are selected (not from a protected species without permission from the necessary authorities; and not cut with metal scissors) and placed on the surface of pure pre-solarised spring (or purified) water in an unmarked, uncarved glass bowl near the flowers’ own tree or bush.

This is left in the sun for a number of hours, depending on the climatic location; and ‘when ready’ (this is part of the spiritual expertise of the essence-producer), the flowers are gently removed (not touched by the hand) and returned to the base of the plant. 

This ‘essence’ water is strained and decanted into a ‘mother tincture‘ bottle which also contains  brandy as a preservative. The mixture is then put away in a safe, cool place to settle for some time.

Drops of the mother tincture are later added to stock bottles containing, again, a percentage of brandy and either pure spring water or purified water. 

This stock essence can then be used to make dosage bottles by the same procedure, but with less brandy (for more immediate use). In some instances where brandy presents a problem, organic apple-cider vinegar or organic vegetable glycerine can be used as the preservative for the dosage bottle.

Apart from spiritual healing or
intense meditation, nothing works this deeply.
And flower essences are always
personally self-adjusting.

Quick History

Mauve flowers (cameo) by Nikhita Singhal

Even though most ancient cultures had their own methods for extracting the powerful healing capacity of flowers (the people of India also eat flowers, such as marigolds; and Ayurvedic Medicine has long used flowers for healing), it was a British physician, bacteriologist, medical researcher, and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), who had rediscovered this phenomenal vibrational potential in flowers in the 1930s, much to the chagrin of the medical establishment of London at the time! It is his basic method (as I described very briefly in the preceeding section) that is still utilised today by most producers.

During the 1980s, flower essences were just beginning to resurface, with a small number of people around the world venturing to create new flower remedies based on Dr Edward Bach‘s methods from the early 20th century.

This movement had been inspired by the work of Richard Katz, who began creating new flower essence remedies from North American plants in 1978. He then founded the Flower Essence Society (FES) in 1979,  soon joined by his wife, Patricia Kaminski. Together, they produced new varieties of flower essences, apart from Dr Bach’s classic 38 Remedies, on their large organic and biodynamic property in California, and have continued their research and production to this day.

Now there are far too many flower essence ranges available for me to mention here, and my own selection for my work has been an intuitive thing—but my choices are not meant to imply there is anything amiss with other ranges. It’s simply a natural, personal resonance.

How Do They Work ?

(cameo) dewy mauve flower petals with yellow stamins by Aaron Burden

Flower essences work at the level of mind, and have the capacity to retrain the habitual, subconscious thought processes that may potentially lead to your physical illnesses. At the same time, these essences can stimulate insights into the causes of any deluded perceptions (that we all have!) and harmful states of mind.

These deeper insights, in turn, may also help to speed your physical healing, as the body itself is an expression of ‘Mind’. Although, if the body’s physical health is compromised, flower essences alone are too slow-acting (due to the mind-brain-body interface), and other methods of healing should always be employed in these instances, with flower essences supporting your process at higher levels of Mind.

To holistically heal your conditions of physical disease in the body, you need to work on all levels at once: the physical, emotional, conscious-mental, conceptual, and spiritual (subtle mind). Flower Essences work beautifully to stimulate the spiritual level, often the most difficult level to access or recognise. In this way, Flower Essences are a perfect complement to any other modality of healing.

The effect of flower essence tinctures is purely and subtly vibrational as no substantial material from the plant is left in the water-brandy tincture. Therefore, there are no herbal, or conversely toxic, effects that work directly on the physical body. For this reason, flower essences do not interfere with other modalities such as herbs, medical drugs, or homeopathic preparations.

Being the spiritual essence of flowers, these remedies cannot damage an individual if mis-prescribed. Flower Essences offer only beneficial frequencies that reinforce your own inherent pristine nature of mind. They are also effective, and can be used with confidence, for children and infants, as well as animals, birdlife, and even plants.

In fact, plants especially love the Lotus flower essence! (I use the Lotus from Aum Himalaya Sanjeevini of India, but there are several available—each with their individual orientation—including the FES-California Lotus and Australian Bush Flower Essence Red Lily.

All flowers, whether growing in your garden or in a pot, or captured in an essence bottle, have the potential to enlighten and heal on the subtlest of levels. Simply viewing the images on  this site will lift your mood, I’m sure! (Credits to the photographers who’ve made their images available for free via the net—see the Photo Credits page.)

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When employed together, Yogacara Astrology (as psychological and spiritual diagnosis) and Flower Essence Remedies (as a treatment of Mind) have the potential to accelerate holistic healing.

Astrology is the path to a rational understanding of the deeper causes of the problems you may face in life, and to their higher purpose in your life direction. Flower essences then offer support as therapeutic ‘frequencies’ that facilitate the healing  process by transforming the ultimate source of your problems or ills, being essentially your own subconscious mind.

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