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Bodhimind Essences: Formulas

An Alphabetical List of
Kerrie Redgate’s Flower Essence Formulas*

Each of the formulas below contains a number of individual flower essences from a variety of reputable professional ranges. 

The number of individual essences in each formula varies in accord with the complexity of the issue the formula is designed to address.

Your formula sheets (pdfs) are emailed to you, listing the individual flower essences in your bottle, with links to the producers’ websites for more information.

Bodhimind Essences Formulas

Alphabetical List

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Abundant Flow — Your Purpose Collection
relationship to money / abundance / flow of Tao
Admetos-New Start — Heart-Centred Collection
handling past/ancient grief (when sabotaging relationships)
After Sessions — Your Purpose Collection
astrologers, mediums, etc: renews boundaries & life-force after mental work or channelling
Being Man — Heart-Centred Collection
relationship/psychological challenges as ‘man’
Being Woman — Heart-Centred Collection
relationship/psychological challenges as ‘woman’
Brain Revive — Power-Healing Collection
can support brain repair after stroke, accident, past drug abuse, Down’s Syndrome (in babies/very young children)
Brain Sweep — Power-Healing Collection
assists healing drug/alcohol dependency & effects
Carer’s Support — Your Purpose Collection
for carers & healers, to bring balance and self-care
Chiron Bodhicitta-Booster — Your Purpose Collection
maintaining our altruistic intentions; ready for next transformational step
Clear Heart—Clear Mind — Heart-Centred Collection
easing current bereavement with mental clarity
The Consultant — Your Purpose Collection
focus, empathy, intuition & ingenuity
Cool Drops — Power-Healing Collection
assists all issues of Menopause—emotional to spiritual
Cuts, Stings & Burns — Power-Healing Collection
faster healing / eases pain
Decision Time — Spiritual Evolution Collection
making decisions from the Heart without fear
Demon Deflector — Spiritual Evolution Collection
protection from inner-outer ‘demons’; also paranoia (also helpful with drug rehabilitation)
Disease-Repair (+Immune Boost) — Power-Healing Collection
other essences can also be added for issues specific to certain diseases/areas of body—healing at the level of mind
Download — Meditation Collection
accessing one’s Inner Wisdom & Spiritual Guidance
EMR-Shield — Power-Healing Collection
helps protect from electromagnetic radiation [computers etc]
Energy to Burn — Power-Healing Collection
revitalising / recuperation / may help with low vitality issues
Essence of Vajrayana — Meditation Collection
Buddhist Tantra meditation / eases ‘rlung
Family Peace — Heart-Centred Collection
harmonising parent-child-sibling animosity/abuse
Food Mood — Power-Healing Collection
food addictions /disorders /control
For Arts Sake — FreeCreativity Collection
inspiring all artistic pursuits
Four Great Gifts — Meditation Collection
assists development of psychic senses
Grace of Maturity — Spiritual Evolution
honouring/valuing the aging process
Grounding Light — Spiritual Evolution Collection
clears blocks in body/subtle channels during heightened spiritual experiences; prevents dizziness
Hades-Busting Base — Spiritual Evolution Collection
dispelling self-sabotage & unconscious anxiety; highly comprehensive base for other formulas
Hades Transits — Spiritual Evolution Collection
bringing Light & positivity during dark times
Happy Drops — Power-Healing Collection
eases deep depression / renews inspiration to live
Healers’ Healing — Your Purpose Collection
Hades challenge to healing/service career
Honest Truth — Heart-Centred Collection
self-honesty / issues of dishonesty
Immune Boost — Power-Healing Collection
assists immune system through all levels of mind
Initiation—Reiki Students — Spiritual Evolution Collection
assists past-life initiation traumas
Inner Searchlight — Meditation Collection
getting to the core of our issues
Intimate Heart — Heart-Centred Collection
fear of intimacy – psychological & /or physical
KamaSutra—Enhancer — Heart-Centred Collection
clearing fears & enhancing love-making from the Heart
Kundalini Calm — Power-Healing Collection
Eros &/or Pluto transits affecting energy levels / nervous system / meridians / menopause [see also Cool Drops]
Life Purpose — Your Purpose Collection
clearing blocks to awareness of our path
The Listening Zone — Your Purpose Collection
empowerment & harmony during disputes/negotiations: finding common ground through listening rather than reacting
Loving Neptune — Spiritual Evolution Collection
taking advantage of all Neptune transits
Loving Pluto — Spiritual Evolution
taking advantage of all Pluto transits
Loving Uranus — Spiritual Evolution
taking advantage of all Uranus transits
Maitri-Karuna —Heart-Centred Collection
Muscle/Bone—DeStress — Power-Healing Collection
eases muscular & skeletal tension & damage
Nature-Work — Spiritual Evolution Collection
tuning into the plant devic world & ecology
New Ground — Spiritual Evolution Collection
support after loss of our old ‘self’ or lifestyle
The Outer Life — Your Purpose Collection
helps over-sensitives cope with the outer world
Paramita of Generosity — Bodhisattva Collection
giving with Heart & detachment
Paramita of Meditation — Bodhisattva Collection
clearing mental delusions / focus
Paramita of Patience — Bodhisattva Collection
to heal anger / develop compassion
Paramita of Vigilance — Bodhisattva Collection
maintain ethical discipline / mastery
Paramita of Wisdom — Bodhisattva Collection
inner truth / wisdom of Emptiness
Paramita of Zeal — Bodhisattva Collection
joyous effort / initiation / resolve
Parasite Cleanse — Power-Healing Collection
safely rids harmful parasites including fluke worm by raising, not lowering, your body’s subtle frequency
Post-Op — Power-Healing Collection
recovering from surgery / healing energetic bodies / often diminishes pain
Power-Up — Spiritual Evolution Collection
energises personal power with humility
Preparing the Passage — Spiritual Evolution Collection
spiritual support for the terminally ill
The Project — Your Purpose Collection
support to envision/organise/complete new projects
Pure Space — Your Purpose Collection
purifies, sanctifies rooms & protects one’s subtle mind
Redemption — Spiritual Collection
healing guilt-regret / negative karma residue from this or previous lives
Reiki Teacher’s Support — Your Purpose Collection
spiritual identity / integration & focus / 3rd-Eye stimulus / access Tantric skills
Safe Boundaries — Heart-Centred Collection
giving with wisdom not entanglement
Sexual Empowerment—Man — Heart-Centred Collection
healing sexual abuse trauma
Sexual Empowerment—Woman — Heart-Centred Collection
healing sexual abuse trauma
Sleep Peace — Power-Healing Collection
assists insomnia & restless sleep patterns
Smoothing Shock Waves — Power-Healing Collection
physical aftershock from taking on Hades & other trials successfully
Soul Stirring — Meditation Collection
beginning or next level of spiritual awakening
Speak-Out — FreeCreativity Collection
fear of public speaking/stage-work
Spirit Recharge — Meditation Collection
to reaffirm our spiritual identity & purpose
Spiritual Passage — Spiritual Evolution Collection
to assist the dying at the time of death
Stand-Up — Your Purpose Collection
fear of speaking/writing your truth/wisdom
Stress-Free Zone — Power-Healing Collection
calms the nervous system from stress & fear
Study Boost — Your Purpose Collection
absorbing / discerning / recalling information
Survive! — Power-Healing Collection
bringing you ‘back to base’ after or during shock and trauma—a good first-aid formula to have on hand for all emergencies
Toxin Expeller — Power-Healing Collection
helps in cleansing of toxins at all levels including caffeine, tobacco & anaesthetic
inspiration & courage for all writing projects when subtle or intense fear is present
Write—FinalStages — FreeCreativity Collection
working with editors & publishers, or self-publishing
Write—Inspiration — FreeCreativity Collection
creative inspiration for all forms of writing
Write—Nomatterwhat — FreeCreativity Collection
inspiration and courage for all writing projects when there is an inner resistance
Write—ZEN — FreeCreativity Collection
personal editing stage, condensing & refining
Z Teen Purpose — Your Purpose Collection
for Gen Z Teens — self-confidence in your Purpose, developing communication skills, speaking Truth to Power, flexibility in ideas, feeling you’re a part of humanity with Purpose

*Important Note:

For physical ailments, flower essences are not to be used as the sole treatment as they work principally on the mind which then influences the brain which in turn can affect the body over time—this process is too slow-acting for swift physical results. Consulting with your chosen health care professional is vital when you have physical or severe symptoms.

However, the use of flower essences to target the mind-source of your ailments can speed recovery, and also help prevent a relapse, when flower essences are used consistently as an adjunct to other healing methods.
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