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To live a more spiritually-aware life means that there will be times when you could use some assistance in overcoming unconscious anxiety, accessing and developing your Gifts, and fulfilling your Life Purpose with Clarity and Wisdom.

In this cause, I have designed more than 70 comprehensive Bodhimind Flower Essence formulas using a selection of flower essences from ranges made by reputable flower essence producers around the world (see the Professional Ranges page on this site for links). And I’ve grouped my formulas into 7 Collections for easier access for you.

Although, the flower essences I can offer are not limited to these formulas if you have specific requirements; and extra single flower essences can be added to your dosage bottle of formulas at no extra cost.


These formulas have been designed to cover all the issues necessary to support you to accomplish your highest work in the world, but if you have an issue that isn’t covered here, contact me and I can design a new formula for that. 

The flower images just below here are clickable and will take you to the Formula Descriptions, within their various Collections, further down this page. (You can also check out the A—Z Quick List page.)

Designed for You

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orange flower silhouette by Hotae Kim (Unsplash)Spiritual Evolution Collection

Designed to gently assist and support your awakening consciousness throughout its various stages and challenges, even right up to the moment of death. One or two formulas may suit your personal needs, or several formulas can be used progressively over time.

Decision Time

To assist making decisions from the Heart without fear.

  • To help you stay in your Heart with discernment, and to intuitively follow your life-plan, whether relating to a deeply personal aspect of your life, or to your outer work in the world.
  • To  help alleviate your survival fears that often unconsciously dictate your actions and plans, allowing you to now elevate your past experiences so they become inner resources applied through the wisdom of your spiritual mind.
  • May also assist you to stay true to yourself without the confusing effect of the will of other individuals interfering in your own choices.
Demon Deflector

Demons (maras) in the psyche come from within and without. You attract to yourself what is hidden in your own mind-stream.

  • Your inner demons may emerge from your own fears and paranoia, or from the effects of recreational and even some medically-prescribed drugs which affect the brain directly, leaving the mind defenceless, unable to distinguish between your own thoughts and the thoughts of ignorant beings (physically or in spirit) attaching themselves to you. 

  • Psychic attack can occur when you give your power away to others, especially to cult leaders of dubious origin; or to selfish, powerful, manipulative individuals.
  • Assists you to take responsibility for your own thought processes and become clear in your projections of your inner reality upon the outer world. 

  • This formula is a first step and may be followed by the Maitri-Karuna formula in the Heart-Centred Collection for the development of compassion, your only secure protection.
Grace of Maturity

A support for honouring and valuing the aging process

  • To bring the many bounties of maturity into your consciousness, for developing a new self-image based on a heightened sense of self-respect for all that you have learned from the ‘folly years’ of your youth.
  • ‘Every age has its charm’, and it is in the autumn of your life that you can discover new values and ways of being that accompany a calmness and groundedness in your life, while also allowing you to continue to develop, and to offer the wisdom and grace of your maturity to the community in which you live.
Grounding Light

Prevents associated dizziness during heightened spiritual experiences / for all issues of ‘groundedness’ / may also assist with the ‘meditators disease’ of congested rlung.

  • Can bring a sense of being fully present in the moment, while allowing you to be totally nourished by the Light flooding down into the Crown of the head, without losing your connection to the Earth’s force.
  • The most likely resistance can come from the Solar Plexus (Manipura-cakra) where many past-life experiences are processed on the emotional level: this is a first step towards consciousness and the complete opening of the Heart.
  • Can support the emotional resolution of these deeper issues that are buried at the Solar Plexus level. Also, additional flower essences can be included for specific blockages in other chakras.

(This is the opposite application to the Kundalini Calm formula, which aids the smooth assimilation of the upward movement of Earth’s force, stimulated via the Root chakra, when our electrical and meridian system is overloaded.)

Hades-Busting Base

Dispelling Hades subtle self-sabotage and terror in accessing our higher purpose

  • A base for all formulas involving the transformation of the Hades Concept into the Hades Gift. It assists in the alleviation of the terror you may experience when encountering your personal Hades sabotage, as well as the fears generated by the necessity to let go of your old sense of ‘self’.
  • Strengthens your will power and sense of inner authority.
  • Other single or formula flower essences can be added to this Base to address your personal issues and gifts relating directly to the Hades Concept* and the cellular memories from the original Hades Event &/or Source lifetimes.

(*My forthcoming 2019–2020 book series includes a specialised volume devoted to explaining my exclusive 30-year research into this form of subtle self-sabotage)

Hades Transits

Bringing Light and Positivity during dark times

  • A Hades astrological transit will occur at some time in your life. These can be the darkest of times. But also opportunities to overcome your deepest fears and inner challenges to your life purpose.
  • Prepared especially for my clients, when there is a present threat to forward movement by an immediate Hades transit to the birth chart/psyche.
  • My personal consultations can diagnose and clarify your personal Hades* issue, and also verify whether a current trauma is Hades-related. (Note: this is NOT the astrological Pluto.)

(*My forthcoming book on self-sabotage, based on my exclusive research of the astrological Transneptunian Points, will elborate on Hades transits—join my Exceptional Purpose Resource newsletter list for alerts to the publishing dates of my entire book series.)

Initiation—Reiki Students

Assists in alleviating stress from past-life initiation traumas that may surface from the subconscious during Reiki Empowerments or other spiritual initiation processes.

  • Being attuned to Reiki energy is a spiritual initiation. For some individuals this can stir old memories of similar experiences in ancient lifetimes. In many ancient shamanic cultures, there were fear-trials one was expected to pass before initiation could be given. In this lifetime, the process is much easier. However, any buried memories of having failed initiations, or of being persecuted as a healer, can lead to emotional issues or uncomfortable stubborn blockages in the psychic centres, but which only usually last a day or so after the Reiki Empowerment.
  • Through this formula, you may experience the Reiki initiation process with full and ‘present’ consciousness.
  • This is a valuable formula for Reiki Teachers to have on-hand for such individuals. It can also be administered as a preparation prior to the initiation date.

(See also the Essence of Vajrayana formula in the Meditation Collection for serious students and practitioners of Reiki, to assist with Buddhist Tantric meditation processes; and also the Reiki Teacher’s Support formula in the Professional’s Collection.)


Assistance with tuning into the spiritual consciousness of plants and stimulating ecological appreciation.

  • Help with re-attuning to the spiritual forces within nature, generally; recognizing its beauty, while regarding all aspects of the natural world with great respect.
  • Can be of benefit when drawn to working with plant-life as a horticulturist, landscape designer/gardener, field herbalist, or flower essence producer.
  • Along with the appropriate meditation and spiritual practices (see the Meditation Collection for assistance), this special formula can open a door of perception to the spiritual forces of the natural world (whether felt, seen, or telepathically heard), allowing a greater ability to care for and work with plants and the environment as a whole.
  • Also, if you are a city-dweller wishing to gain a greater attunement to the needs and caring of your houseplants which bring the blessing of cleaner and fresher air, energising your home with life and colour.
New Ground

Offers support after loss of your old identity of ‘self,’ or of your lifestyle; when you’re confronted with a new unpredictable reality or way of life.

  • Relieves the dream-like shock after a huge change has occurred.
  • Helps with grounding when you have lost your base and routine.
  • Brings the mind back to clarity in the moment.
  • Allows you to integrate your heightened senses for endurance when in survival mode.
  • Helps you to embrace the changes with joyful expectation.
  • Can be followed by the Chiron Bodhicitta Booster formula to maintain your dedication to your spiritual identity and growth, and its expression in the world.
Loving Neptune

For all Neptune astrological transits including the Neptune phase of the ‘Midlife Crisis’ (this aspect occus at around age 41-42)

  • Assisting you to realise the three opportunities offered by all Neptune transits:

1. To reach a higher realisation of how your own concepts and past experiences have shaped your view of ‘reality’ in the Present

2. To connect with the spiritual realm through letting go of the tyranny of the five physical senses (while avoiding the illusions that may also appear when you seek beyond the material reality)

3. To develop Compassion for all living beings. When your Heart is fully open to others, you are much less likely to be fooled by delusion from either the material or spiritual realms

Loving Pluto

All Pluto astrological transits, including the Pluto phase of the ‘Midlife Crisis’ (this aspect is occurring presently for those around age 37—this timing shifts dramatically over the years due to Pluto’s eliptical orbit: Albert Einstein was in his mid-70s when he experienced this transit!)

  • Assists with the fears and deep soul-searching that accompany times of insecurity and change.
  • Opens you to appreciate the opportunity Pluto offers: to see what it is that has been entrapping you and obstructing you from expressing your true purpose.
  • Helps in letting go of security attachments (things and people).
  • Helps with tapping unexpected inner resources. 
Loving Uranus

All Uranus astrological transits, including the Uranus phase of the ‘Midlife Crisis’ (this aspect occurs around age 42)

  • Assistance to cope with the challenges of the higher frequencies of energies in your meridian and nervous systems which Uranus stimulates
  • Bringing you to the next level of awareness and experience.
  • Helping you to develop detachment and equanimity, as well as tolerance for others.
  • Can be combined with the Stress-Free Zone formula from thr Power-Healing Collection if the pressure (being your own inner resistance) exerted upon you by this transit feels excessive.

Energises personal power with humility

  • Help in accessing your spiritual strength, especially in challenging circumstances; and to appreciate your own uniqueness.
  • Especially useful if you have lost your power through being suppressed by others, or through being too heavily constrained within an organisation or institution.
  • It may be used on its own or in combination with other essences that more specifically address the fundamental nature of the power or gift you are trying to offer.
Preparing the Passage

Spiritual support for the terminally ill
(A precursor to the Spiritual Passage formula, below, which is administered at the time of death.)

  • To stimulate and support your faith in a spiritual reality.
  • Help in healing old family issues.
  • Help in alleviating the stress, pain, and grief associated with the current disease of the body by uplifting the mind.
  • Can be combined with the Redemption formula, below, when guilt or regret are plaguing the mind.

Healing and processing guilt/regret and negative karmic residue from this or previous lives
(In Buddhist psychology, it is understood that all karmic imprints impact your life from your own subtle mind; and so you can also be healed by your own mind. Aside from the law courts, it is understood that there is no one outside yourself who judges your inner motivation and enforces punishments upon you*.)

  • Helps you balance your perspective and forgive yourself for anything you had done in prior moments of ignorance. Often unresolved past behaviour patterns, even from quite distant past-lives, can weigh heavily on the mind, causing great disturbances to your sense of self-esteem and purpose in this life, leaving you open to manipulation by other individuals who tap your hidden guilt.
  • Also stimulates an awareness of morality and aids you in the struggle for compassion within your own psyche.
  • Finally, it can bring you peace during sleep, easing nightmares and restlessness.
  • Offers you the possibility of resolution and peace, allowing you to then release the past to the past, and to get on with the business of this life.

*There will be a deeper explanation for the function of Karma and how it works in my forthcoming book on my clinical research into Reincarnation—one of the companion volumes to ‘Healing the Source’.

Spiritual Passage

To assist the dying at the time of death

  • To ease anxiety and fear, bringing acceptance of death as a natural process. 
  • To let go of physical reality and happily embrace the spiritual experience of the movement towards the Light. 
  • Gently opens the psychic centres so that those in Spirit who can assist the process will be recognised;
  • Does not cause premature death as flower essences can never over-ride one’s higher purpose or personal timing.
  • Can also be used for days or weeks as a preparation when one is close to death.
  • Has proven to ease the death experience, where relatives and nursing staff have remarked on the blissful smile on the faces of those passing out of the body after being sprayed lightly with this formula during the dying process.

(See the Preparing the Passage formula, above, for ongoing processing of one’s life, and resolving ‘unfinished business’; also the Redemption formula may help in the case of heavy conscience due to unresolved issues with others.)

white lotus by Kari SheaMeditation Collection

To assist with various types of meditation practices and goals; and to enable you to maintain your connection with spiritual reality, especially when living within societies or communities that do not actively nurture or support your individual spiritual practices. It is preferable to also receive spiritual guidance or teachings 
from an experienced practitioner or qualified teacher.


Accessing your inner wisdom and Spiritual Guidance

  • To assist in developing a stronger connection to your Guidance in Spirit.
  • Opens the doorway to an ability to download healing Light as well as information that is either being given to you subtly by Higher Compassionate Beings (Transcendent Bodhisattvas, in Buddhist terminology), or information that is already within your own subtle consciousness.
  • Especially effective at those times when you sense that something important is just beyond the surface of your awareness.
  • Can release the blocks that are preventing the ‘download’, and can be used in meditation as well as during creative works, especially writing (where it may be added to the Writers—Inspiration, the Writers—Unblock, Writers—Condensing, and the Writers—Final Stages formulas: see the Free-Creativity Collection).
  • For best results regular use with meditation and contemplation time is recommended.
Essence of Vajrayana

Assisting Buddhist Tantra meditation, especially Deity Yoga / Ajna-cakra development for visualisation practices

  • A specialty formula to assist with Vajrayana (Tantric or Yogic) Buddhist meditation practices; to assist with concentration, focus, and motivation;
  • Alleviating false perceptions by stimulating the realisation of higher truths.
  • Assisting complex visualisations, as well as the opening of the Heart and Crown chakras. 
  • Will also help to calm any fears or unworthiness associated with accessing Transcendent Bodhisattvas and Dakinis, bringing a feeling of protection from the Spiritual Realm. 
  • May also assist the higher practice of ‘generating the Deity’ within.
  • Helping to relieve or prevent congested rlung energy.
  • Recommended especially for the beginning of Tantric practice to ease your way into a regular routine, or for those difficult times when you find yourself resisting your spiritual potential and spiritual commitments.
  • May also assist if you generally find visualisation difficult.

(As with all things of a spiritual nature, the effectiveness of this formula will depend on your dedication to regular practice, as well as on your purest motivation.)

Four Great Gifts

Assists development of subtle (psychic) senses and Heart chakra function (to be accompanied by appropriate spiritual practices and guidance)

  • There are four common extra-sensory gifts that may develop when you begin to open to the realm of spirit: 

    1. Gift of Feeling (clairsentience) involves psychometry (the ability to read a psychic imprint left behind in physical objects), or the ability to simply ‘know’ things as a ‘feeling’, with no obvious cause. 

    2. Gift of Hearing (clairaudience), which may register as an internal thought-form, or telepathy, or may also involve hearing actual disembodied voices (as though they are audial) from the spirit-realm. 

    3. Gift of Seeing (clairvoyance), the ability to see auras as well as the consciousness of beings in the spirit-realm. 

    4. Gift of Prescience (prophesy), the ability to foresee moments from a likely future event pre-ordained by karmic imprints.

  • These Gifts take time and patience to develop, and require specific meditation practices, as well as a compassionate altruistic heart. The only purpose in developing such gifts is to be of benefit to others.
  • This formula may assist the process and alleviate the accompanying fears that are inhibitive. It also brings protection by stimulating the Heart-chakra, assuring that psychic connections are of the highest source possible.
  • For maximum benefit, the Download formula, above, is recommended as a preliminary formula for a time, before the Four Great Gifts formula is used.
Inner Searchlight

Getting to the core of your issues / best used during personal meditation or contemplation sessions / may also help before sleep to induce insightful dreams

  • To illumine the dark parts of your psyche when you are trying to reach the core of your issues and obstinate problems.
  • Stimulates a clearer connection to your spiritual essence, allowing past memories (from whatever level) to surface and heal, bringing wisdom from the past.
  • Provides the necessary courage to delve into situations that have been caused by your own subconscious motivations, without any avoidance behaviour hindering the process.
  • May be used most effectively with meditation practices, or used twice-daily over several weeks, especially when trying to resolve the inner causes of specific problems in the present.
  • Can be useful when used during counselling sessions (for either party) of a psychological or spiritual nature.

(It can also be added to the Download formula from this Collection)

Soul Stirring

Beginning of spiritual awakening / or moving to the next plateau without fear or anxiety or loss of what you have gained / for times of spiritual shifting

  • Addresses the fears and uncertainties generated by the first stirrings of a spiritual reality, while it supports a gentle opening to a new perception of yourself and of the world. It is during this initial transformational phase that your personal relationships can undergo the most extreme changes, as we are often held back from our spiritual progress by the fears of others.
  • To assist you to keep moving forward with trust and faith in your progress.
  • For all transformational shifts, it will enable you to remain true to yourself as you move towards the next plateau of awareness;
  • To inspire the commitment you must make to develop your consciousness beyond your present reality.
Spirit Recharge

To reaffirm your spiritual identity and purpose, especially while living in materialistic societies and mundane/tech cultures

  • To enhance your ability to maintain the flow of nourishing Spiritual Light that pours into your Crown.
  • Also repairs any subtle damage suffered through having to cope with the affront of dense vibratory frequencies (both material and emotional) that you may encounter through the course of your normal day (example: supermarket visits).
  • This formula can be used regularly, several times per day, but may be most beneficial when utilised during meditation practices, as these are the times when we may feel closest to spirit and are most able to restore our spiritual centre.
  • Can help you to regain your perspective as an unlimited being of consciousness, rather than merely bound by the limitations of bone and flesh.

(If you are highly sensitive to living in dense, chaotic, and largely artificial environments, and find it difficult to cope with mundane reality, The Outer Life formula from the Professional’s Collection may be of assistance for grounding and auric protection.)

Pink rose by Caleb WoodsHeartCentred Collection

Designed to assist with various types of relationship issues, for both couples and individuals, to help heal trauma in the Heart from both this life and from a deeper past. Our relationship to ‘other’ always involves an exploration and opening of our own Heart.

Admetos—New Start

To relieve a self-sabotaging form of grief that can be silent and deeply buried within the mind-stream until a circumstance or person arrives to re-emphasise the painful conditions of an ancient past. This is when your personal feelings of grief can be amplified to irrational degrees.

  • Designed to support your willingness to let go of the past and to feel worthy to receive love from others.
  • To help break down the subtle-sabotaging walls to receiving love and acceptance from others.
  • To bring peace when sudden unconscious grief strikes you emotionally for no reason.
  • This ancient grief is generally not so much felt as sadness, but as a conditioned belief pattern that may hinge on your sense of responsibility and guilt from very ancient lifetimes. 
Being Man

Handling relationship/psychological challenges as ‘man’

  • To help ease the confusion and challenges men are experiencing as to their roles, especially within intimate relationships, by allowing a man to find an inner balance of spiritual pursuits and nurturance (of self and other), while not losing sight of his worldy goals and objectives.
  • May allow a man to develop a closer emotional and more respectful relationship to women and to the feminine in general, without feeling threatened.
  • To develop wholeness and more self-confidence leading to successful intimate relationships.


Being Woman

Handling relationship/psychological challenges as ‘woman’

  • The lifestyle and demands of our Western culture have compromised a woman’s role and identity to exclude the softer side of her nature. Sensuality has been replaced in the media by raw sexuality and impossible standards of sexual appeal. A woman is often made to feel insecure and lacking in attractiveness, and the corporate world has pushed her into a newly defined identity—modelled on that of the male businessman.
  • To assist a woman to feel secure in her femininity.
  • Helps to bring a woman back to her sensuous centre.
  • To eradicate any harsh or ‘shrewish’ (and thus more ‘male’ / aggressive) approaches to communication.
  • To allow a woman to accept and appreciate her own feminine power and nature.
  • It will assist a woman to regain the inherent power of her gender without compromising her productivity in the work-place or home.
Clear Heart—Clear Mind

Easing current bereavement for times when one must stay focussed

  • During bereavement, to temporarily ease the flow of tears and bring you back to the rational Present rather than the Past where your mind inevitably dwells when you have experienced great loss.
  • It may also be used before sleep (though the Sleep Peace formula is also effective at this time).

(For the effects of life-long, ancient, self-sabotaging grief, the Admetos-New Start formula from this Collection is recommended.)

Family Peace

Harmonising parent-child-sibling animosity/abuse issues

  • May help you to keep your Heart open, and to resolve old hurts, wounds, and misunderstandings (which are a part of normal family life in Western technological environments), 
  • Stimulating compassion and understanding—even after abusive relationships.
  • Inspiring appreciation for the necessary disparities in outlook between different generations of people in one family.
  • For best results, all members of the family should be knowingly exposed to this formula.
  • The Paramita of Patience formula (from the Bodhisattva Path Collection) can be added to Family Peace when unresolved and deeply-ingrained anger is a problem.
  • Where there has been serious emotional, psychological, or physical damage, in cases such as sexual or physical abuse, the Sexual Empowerment—Woman or Sexual Empowerment—Man formula may be added to Family Peace to assist the healing.

Note: Apart from the resolution of karma that may be a part of the family process with parents and siblings (especially when we are very young), parents, step-parents, or guardians mirror many of our past-life issues back to us, and may actually symbolise much larger and deeper issues we may need to resolve within ourselves and within our community or the world at large.

Honest Truth
Self-honesty / issues of dishonesty
  • Helps you to find your inner truth and to be honest with yourself in assessing your own behaviour and motives. Helps during those times when it can be hard to face up to your own avoidance tactics.
  • May be highly useful when you are undergoing any serious counselling work with practitioners, and may have blind spots around certain issues that are buried deeply in your psyche, possibly as habitual survival patterns.
  • Conversely, this formula may also allow you to see where you are being deceived by another, when you would rather not contemplate that reality. It may bring clarity and help to heal the hurt associated with betrayal.
  • May equally be applied when you may find yourself being deliberately dishonest with others.
  • Where any issues of honesty and truth are prevalent, you can use this formula to open a channel to your truer authentic self, encouraging you to live life with integrity and courage.
For going more deeply into the issues that may surface from the use of this formula, it can be followed (or combined) with the Inner Searchlight formula from the Meditation Collection. Also, when you finally discover an aspect of yourself, or an issue from the past that preys on your conscience, it may then be helpful to follow the Honest Truth and/or Inner Searchlight formulas with the Redemption formula from the Spiritual Evolution Collection, which helps to alleviate feelings of guilt while at the same time instilling within you a deep sense of responsibility for the circumstances that have occured in your life.

Intimate Heart

Clearing fear of intimacy, psychological and/or physical (can be combined with either of the Sexual Empowerment formulas when past sexual abuse is the issue)

  • Addresses any fear or terror of intimacy.
  • Opens the Heart to others and allows a free-flowing of communication and appreciation.  
  • Compassion is stimulated as you relate to the Spirit within other individuals rather than the personality which is impermanent and constantly in flux.
  • May improve your personal relationships by allowing you to communicate honestly, to be able to state your perceptions, and to be yourself without the ego-fear of recrimination or rejection.
  • Also allows you to receive love—an important and often neglected aspect of any relationship.
  • And lastly, when you relate sincerely from the Heart, you inspire trust in others, subtly encouraging them to relate to you in the same manner.
KamaSutra Enhancer

Clearing fears and enhancing sexuality for couples — not to be administered on a regular basis — this is simply an ‘on occasion’ formula to be shared by both partners!

  • Designed to enhance love-making and to dispel fears and insecurities relating to sexual intimacy.
  • It also stimulates a more sincere, unselfish, heart-centred approach toward your sexual partner.

Not to be used indiscriminately, as it may stimulate hormonal responses (via subconscious processes) in some individuals. It can be combined with the Intimate Heart formula for an added effect when both physical and personal intimacy is challenging or requires enhancement. The Being Man and Being Woman formulas may also prove effective when used separately and regularly, as appropriate.

Maitri-Karuna (Loving-Kindness & Compassion), from Sanskrit

These are the only two forms of genuine love:
loving-kindness is expressed through wanting to bring happiness to others;
compassion is expressed through actively alleviating others’ suffering

  • Stimulating loving kindness and active compassion: the most significant quality of all buddhas and bodhisattvas, the essence of your own Buddha-nature!
  • Can help you to develop Skilful Means, which is the wisdom of the true bodhisattva, to know when you are helping and when you are actually hindering the path and growth of another’s life lessons, no matter how pure your intensions.
  • To avoid enmeshment with others, especially when you may be unaware of this dynamic in your relationships.
  • To help meld Wisdom and Compassion as one when you are purely focused on living from the Heart.
Safe Boundaries

Giving without co-dependency / creating appropriate boundaries between self and others

  • To help you realise that effective Giving comes from a space of detachment, wisdom, and spontaneity of Spirit, and does not have to result in either obligation or entrapment.
  • To assist you to become more aware of your own subconscious motives, and begin to develop confidence in your own power to choose the suitable degree and level of bonding you undertake with another. You are then free to establish safe boundaries for giving through your own inner integrity and higher ideals.
Sexual Empowerment—Man

Assisting healing of sexual abuse trauma

  • To assist the healing of deep trauma experienced by men who have been subjected to physical or sexual abuse at any age;
  • A support for the re-establishment of personal power, trust, and sensitivity in present intimate relationships.
  • May also help in clearing subconscious memories of similar past-life experiences of abuse,
  • May be combined with the Intimate Heart &/or Power-Up formulas, as appropriate.
  • The KamaSutra Enhancer (from this Colection) may also be used separately on occasion to assist healthy sexual responsiveness.

(A specialised formula can also be prepared for small children who have undergone sexual abuse, or other types of violence, to release the trauma in the physical body and psyche, and to assist the removal of the past-life thought-form that had necessitated the experience in this present life.)


Sexual Empowerment—Woman

Assisting healing of sexual abuse trauma

  • To restore a woman’s self-esteem, self-respect and personal power after any form of physical or sexual abuse (from either recent times or the past) and to bring joy, sensuality, and acceptance back to her sexuality.
  • Can filter down from the subtle mind to effect every level of consciousness and the physical body, as these past events are often reflections of a much deeper past from other incarnations where the suffering of abuse had been a prevalent theme.
  • May be blended with the Intimate Heart and/or Being Woman formulas (both from this Collection) for added benefit.
  • The KamaSutra Enhancer formula (from this collection) can also be used separately on occasion only to assist the easy transition back to fulfilling sexual responsiveness

(A specialised formula can also be prepared for small children who have undergone sexual abuse, or other types of violence, to release the trauma in the physical body and psyche, and to assist the removal of the past-life thought-form that had necessitated the experience in this present life. I have seen the results of these flower essences as a painless release of hidden anger via a reddening of the skin where the abuse had occurred—including, in one case, a courageous public defiance and ‘outing’ of the perpetrator, from a child as young as 6 years.)

Passiflora by Foto-RaBe (via Pixabay)FreeCreativity Collection

Specialist formulas to stimulate your creative flow in any artistic activity, from performing, public speaking, and the visual arts, to writing. There are several formulas here to assist with the various stages for professional authors. When deep past-life blocks have been holding back your creativity, the Survive! formula can be added to any of these formulas.
For Arts Sake

Inspiring all artistic pursuits and creativity in general

  • To facilitate all creative endeavours.
  • Allowing inspiration from spiritual sources to filter into the psyche through your Heart energy — the source of all genuine creativity.
  • Aids mental focus, also stimulating the right brain creative function.
  • Revitalises the spiritual aspect of mind & body while we are engaged in creative work.
  • Addresses the risks and fears of particularly rejection involved in expressing the inner self in creative ways.
Speak Out

Fear of public speaking/stage-work

  • May be taken regularly to improve your vocal delivery
  • To enhance the ability to speak your mind.
  • An asset during occasions of public speaking or media appearances when past-life fears of persecution through speaking your truth are prevalent.
Can be combined with other essences or formulas when performance anxieties in artistic expression are manifesting (such as the For Art’s Sake formula). Also assists with confrontational debate with others—can then be added with great benefit to the Power-Up formula. When taking a stand on controversial public issues, the Stand-Up formula is recommended.
Write—Final Stages

All issues of working with editors and publishers (eg. receptivity / practical cooperation without losing one’s control or initial purpose)

  • Self-honesty and endurance, without the loss of your confidence or initial inspiration, while polishing a manuscript after many months of writingas the final stages of a creative work, especially writing, can be the most challenging.
  • May also help you to handle the difficulties involved in dealing with editors and/or publishers without losing your integrity, your power, or your cool!
  • Fosters the spirit of cooperation while remaining true to your original purpose for the project you are now completing.

Stimulating creative inspiration for all forms of writing

  • For those times when your creative energy, especially with words and ideas, may need a boost of enthusiasm and purposefulness.
  • The creative flow cannot happen if you are stalled at the beginning of your writing day. This formula may assist you to recapture the original mood that began your project or that inspired our initial ideas.
  • Also helps with alleviating the self-judgement that may stifle creative thinking, and brings clarity to your thought processes and focus, allowing you to download the wisdom that is inherent within our own spiritual nature.

Inspiration and courage for all writing projects when there is an inner resistance

  • A complete formula to help stimulate and inspire the creative flow that can become blocked through an exhaustion of mental focus, or through past-life fears that may plague the psyche.
  • It opens one to higher inspiration, to the ability to see the details as well as the overview.
  • Addresses many of the issues facing writers, including the possible extended exposure to electromagnetic radiation from computers of all types and wifi devices.
Write—Publish It!

Coming Soon!
A new formula that is presently in the works!

  • To inspire your Mindset for Success
  • To stimulate your Generosity of Spirit to overcome subtle self-sabotage
  • To enhance organizational skills
  • To assist with marketing initiatives
  • And support for daring to “go public”!

NOTE: You can join the Exceptional Purpose Resource newsletter—see the popup or the odd banner buttons on this site—to receive notice as soon as this and other new formulas are available.


Personal editing stage; condensing & refining

  • Can inspire you to ‘keep it simple’ while not losing the original inspiration of the project that is your current focus.
  • Helps to keep your thinking clear while stimulating your intuition and your ‘mandalic’ consciousness where you may see the parts as being one with the whole; and you may see the whole via its collection of parts. This type of focus is especially necessary with large manuscripts such as books or treatises.
  • Through also inspiring your higher spiritual consciousness, this formula may prevent you from editing out any valuable components of your project, while being able to discern the truly valuable from the expendable.

Bodhisattva Path Collection

To assist those individuals who are working within communities as the healers, teachersinnovators, and all those whose main aspiration in life is to benefit others. These six formulas target the qualities of the Six Perfections (Paramitas), being the higher virtues a true Bodhisattva must accomplish inwardly to fulfil this worldly goal.

NOTE on the meaning of 'Bodhisattva'

‘Bodhisattva’ is a Sanskrit term, meaning ‘courageous awakened being’.
This is a person who is intent on developing the highest virtues to approach Enlightenment so as to be of the greatest benefit to all sentient beings, dedicating his/her life (and all future lives) to others’ liberation from suffering and delusion. This is the ultimate path of Compassion and Wisdom, which itself actually produces Enlightenment.

Paramita of Generosity

Giving from the Heart with skill and detachment

  • Helping you accomplish the Paramita of Generosity (Dana-paramita) which involves training in Giving with absolute detachment. This does not simply mean the giving of material objects, but giving of the self, giving of our time, our expertise, our wisdom, whatever is required of us.
  • Assists us to develope the necessary wisdom-skill in knowing when we are helping and when we are hindering the developmental path of another being through our generosity.
  • To realise the bodhisattva accomplishes this without concern for reward or praise, or even criticism. This formula helps you to fulfil this aspect of the Bodhisattva Path: to give purely from the Heart, with the right intention, because the need is there—it is what is required of us in that moment.
Paramita of Meditation

Clearing mental delusions / focus / assisting meditation, especially Shamatha (‘Calm-Abiding’) and Vipashyana (‘Insight’)

Dhyana-paramita, the Paramita of Meditative Concentration, is essential training for the development of mind. It leads to all other achievements, as it is the basis for insight and discrimination. Without meditative stabilisation, we cannot access our wisdom. Without wisdom, our compassion is not balanced and we are not as useful in the world as we could be.

  • Supports the devlopement of meditation practice so we can tame the mind towards the point where we are in a state of meditative awareness at every moment of the day. This is living with absolute consciousness: not being blown about by our conditioned responses, but grasping the true reality of the Present, being the true freedom known as Nirvana.
  • For inner processing work, the Inner Searchlight formula is highly recommended, and can be combined or followed with the Paramita of Wisdom formula. [See also The Meditation Collection – for assisting various meditation needs.]Clearing mental delusions / focus / assisting meditation, especially Shamatha (‘Calm-Abiding’) and Vipashyana (‘Insight’).
  • To give you a sense of what is possible if you were to apply our own effort to overcome the initial difficulties of meditation practice, especially when you had not been raised within such traditions.
  • For inner processing work, the Inner Searchlight formula (from the Meditation Collection) is highly recommended, and can be combined or followed with the Paramita of Wisdom formula. [See the entire The Meditation Collection for assisting various meditation enhancements.]

Note: It may seem a contradiction to employ a flower essence formula to assist with a practice that is only truly beneficial when mastered through one’s own mind and efforts. However, in our Western technological culture, the chaos in our lives may be so dominating that we require help just to sit and be still for any length of time. This formula is therefore to be used at the initial stages of meditation practice, or after you may have undergone a major shock or trauma that has interrupted your normal meditation routine or your equilibrium.

Paramita of Patience

Healing anger / developing compassion

Kshanti-paramita, the Paramita of Patience, involves training in patience and tolerance with both ourselves and with others. Its main focus is the transformation of anger (the most devastating negation of our virtue) as the path to compassion. This entails not returning threats with more threats, harsh words with more harsh words, etc. Being centred in our hearts rather than in egocentric clinging will enable us to respond to others with kindness and tolerance. This is an important aspect of the path of the true healer.

  • This formula has been designed to achieve a similar outcome to the Maitri-Karuna (loving-kindness & compassion) formula, but ventures further into assisting us to heal our issues of anger, irritation, and impatience,
  • And to empower and awaken our Bodhicitta ‘altruistic’ motivation (to liberate ourselves so as to liberate others).
Paramita of Vigilance

Maintaining ethical discipline / self-mastery

Shila-paramita, the Paramita of Vigilance or Ethical Discipline, is a key foundation stone on the spiritual path. The bodhisattva must be vigilant in guarding his or her ethical morality and discipline, with an appreciation of the infallible law of karma. In Buddhist terms, this involves restraint from the intention of harming oneself or others; the creation of virtue; and working for the benefit of others. This also involves the discipline of guarding the mind against the influences of negative emotional states, which are generated and perpetuated by grosser levels of mind.

  • To assist with the discipline of personal spiritual mastery (overcoming habitual ego tactics).
  • Stimulating an ethical mind.
  • To side-step the ego-trap of spiritual glamour.
  • Generating compassion for others (an important aspect of this Paramita as the primary motivating factor for the bodhisattva life).
  • Acknowleding your interdependence with others.
  • To balance and enhance material and financial relationships.
Paramita of Wisdom

(contains some rare Hawaiian Aloha Flower Essences)
Accessing one’s inner truth / wisdom of ’emptiness’ (shunyata)

Prajna-paramita, the Paramita of Wisdom, involves training in the development of spiritual insight. Accessing one’s inner wisdom is imperative if we are to be free of the illusion of our emotional entanglements and dilemmas.

  • This is not so much a ‘processing’ formula as an ‘access’ formula for the wisdom of the inherent Buddha-nature that you are, in essence.
  • May inspire spiritual insights to the awareness of a greater reality than what is obvious from the perspective of the five limited physical senses.
  • To negate self-deception.
  • To speak your truth.
  • Balancing Heart and Logic.
  • Finally, the ‘wisdom of emptiness’ may open for you, when you are ready to recognise it.

For assistance with Buddhist Tantric meditation, see the Essence of Vajrayana formula (in the Meditation Collection). For inner processing work, the Inner Searchlight formula (from the Meditation Collection) is highly recommended, and can be combined, or followed, with the Paramita of Wisdom formula.

Paramita of Zeal

Joyous effort / initiation / resolve

Through the grace of this flower essence formula, you have the support to develop the Virya-paramita, the Paramita of Zeal or Joyous Effort. This Paramita involves the exuberant Heart energy that we must apply to our spiritual and worldly goals (especially regarding the resolution and completion of Hades issues — see my imminent book series for early-2018: join my Exceptional Purpose Resource newsletter group for alerts).

  • Stimulates enthusiastic effort in practising virtue.
  • A nudge to dedicate your work, tirelessly, to the highest outcome for all concerned.
  • Helping you to not be distracted by tools of the ego-nature, such as laziness, self-doubt, and the adrenalin-rush of false paths that excite the ego-nature rather than fire our Buddha-nature.

At the basis of this Zeal is the compassion to live for the benefit of others. Our highest path in life is to be Present in the world, and to give of ourselves with Joy. Without this joy, there can be no sincerity in our work or purpose. Without sincerity, there is no Spirit.

PowerHealing Collection

A collection designed to address a vast array of health problems—physical, emotional and psychological—at the level of Mind, not the body. When physical disease or pain exists, it is advisable to also consult with your healthcare professional, with flower essences supporting a fuller and speedier result for all levels of mind and body.

Brain Revive

To safely assist the process of brain repair after stroke, accident, past drug abuse, Down Syndrome (in babies and small children)—may require long-term use for optimum effectiveness, especially in more severe cases

Damage to the brain, whether occurring in utero, or through accident, past drug or alcohol abuse, or stroke, can often be assisted through various types of therapies. This is due to the ability of the brain to continually develop new networks of neural circuitry with every new thought and experience we encounter. This process occurs at an accelerated rate in childhood and slows down in our later years

  • Flower essences have the capacity to direct this function via the thought-forms they inspire, even at unconscious levels.
  • This formula has been designed to assist the brain back to wholeness by stimulating the subtle mind to trigger neural circuitry in various parts of the brain, thus lighting dormant areas.
  • Please Note: To be considered an experimental process as individuals will respond to this formula quite differently—time, age, and extent of damage to the brain being vital factors. This is a research formula, and feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Brain Sweep

To assist recovery at all levels from drug or alcohol dependency, and the after-effects in the brain, including its subconscious emanations as the field of ‘mind’

  • Not only are there physiological changes that occur in the body and brain due to substance abuse, but many difficult psychological and spiritual conditions can result.
  • Targeting all areas of recovery, from sealing an overly ‘porous’ auric shell (a weakening of the subtle mind), to assisting the ‘repatterning’ of neurological pathways in the brain; and to support one’s spirit in its journey back to wholeness in the world.
  • For optimum results, it is recommended that a separate flower essence formula also be administered to address the original spiritual or emotional issues that had led to the attraction for the addictive substance.
Cool Drops

To assist the transitional time of Menopause, from the physical to the spiritual levels via the subtle mind

  • Menopause can be a time of physical and emotional discomfort, as well as spiritual distress, for many women. It is actually a time of initiation, usually coinciding with a powerful astrological transit from the planetoid Chiron, around the ages of 49 to 51.
  • This time often challenges a woman on the results of her earlier ‘Midlife Crisis’ transits, prompting her to now fully express her essential nature and purpose.
  • The time of menopause is a ‘Coming of Age’ where a woman may embrace her own inner wisdom, and the freedom to find a new place for her Gift in the outer world.
  • Can also be combined with Grace of Maturity and Life Purpose formulas.
Cuts Stings & Burns

Assists with faster healing / eases pain (handy addition to one’s First Aid Kit)

  • Much of the intensity of the pain we experience from cuts, stings, or burns, originates from the subconscious cellular memory of similar physical wounds, especially from previous lifetimes. This memory may actually amplify the pain experienced, as the brain subconsciously prepares the nervous system for the repetition of the past-life circumstances that may possibly have once led to death.
  • This formula may not only speed repair of the damaged tissue by working at higher levels of the mind to negate these thought-forms, but has also relieved pain, almost completely, in some circumstances.
  • Note: The Australian Bush Flower Essence Mulla Mulla is a component of this formula, and has proven to be somewhat miraculous in healing burns, especially when applied soon after the accident. (Mulla Mulla stock is available from Australian Bush Flower Essences, also as their ‘Solaris‘ retail dosage essence.)
Disease Repair (+ Immune Boost)

Support with all healing challenges at higher levels of mind (where disease actually begins).

  • To boost the body’s own defences (especially at subtle levels of mind) against the onslaught of all types of diseases.
  • It has a cleansing and healing effect on the mind and body as it stimulates the subtle consciousness and, in turn, the body’s cells.
  • It can be used as a base with extra flower essences added for specific types of diseases.
  • The Parasite Cleanse formula may also be considered as an adjunct to this formula for many disease-states of the body.
  • It is strongly recommended that other healing modalities also be employed, along with advice from one’s preferred healthcare professional, once any serious disease-state has been diagnosed.
  • Please Note: Does NOT have any effect on stagnant growths.

Assists with protection from electromagnetic radiation [computers, wireless broadband modems, cellphones, etc]; also dispels previous radiation residue (Based on a combination of specialised formulas from professional ranges)

  • To protect the body integrity from excessive EMR exposure,
  • And to also eliminate radiation that has become trapped within the cells of the body, even from previous sunburn.
  • Important Note: If you have been exposed to large amounts of electromagnetic or other forms of radiation (such as radiation treatments to destroy cancer cells, or radioactive dyes used for diagnostic purposes), there may be some periods of ‘hot flushes’ and a painless reddening of the skin while the radiation is being eliminated. In some cases these hot flushes can occur at two-hourly, or so, intervals. This is a good thing!
Energy to Burn

Assisting the mind when lacking enthusiasm and joie de vivre, when the body’s vitality is compromised

  • Contains flower essences that can assist with kidney/adrenal issues at the level of mind
  • Contains flower essences that can assist with pancreas/blood sugar issues at the level of mind (especially hypoglycemia)
  • If you are severely depleted, this formula can cause sleepiness at first, indicating that you need a good rest for recuperation!
  • Can also be used briefly to help you get through an exhausting project deadline
  • Important Note: Physical vitality has as much to do with your diet and lifetsyle as with your particular constitution: always seek advice from your health care professional if your vitality is consistently low
Food Mood

Addressing food addictions / disorders / control / awareness

  • Helps you to realise that you are in charge of your own health and vitality.
  • Encourages you to take an interest in the types of fuels and energies you ingest via your body.
  • It also helps to relieve artificial cravings while you delve more deeply into their origins;
  • And helps you to build a more enriching perspective in regard to the place foods play in your lifestyle, based on the foundation of self-respect. The management of your Food is the management of your Life.
Happy Drops

Eases deep depression / spiritually uplifting

  • Addresses all issues of depressive states of mind by stimulating appreciation for the beauty in life, as well as stimulating an interest in self-care.
  • Helps to heal the spiritual Heart, alleviating states of self-rejection, shame, guilt, and fear, which all create a feeling of aloneness;
  • Also deepens your breathing naturally to allow you to take in more of life.
  • May also open you to the possibility of finding creative solutions to present problems, thus lightening your load.
Immune Boost

Strengthens the immune response at all levels of mind to help balance the mind-body-emotion link – more potent when used at the first indication of infections

  • To assist the healing process and hasten recovery from especially physical ailments.
  • Will align the subtle bodies (of consciousness), lift the energy levels within the body, stimulate the immune system, and bring a more positive outlook to your mind.
  • Your ability to focus on self-healing through the power of your mind, especially through meditation, is also strengthened.
Kundalini Calm

Eros (asteroid) and/or Pluto transits affecting energy levels / over-stimulated nervous system and meridians / assistance with Menopause

  • Aids the smooth assimilation of the upward movement of Earth’s force, stimulated via the Root chakra, when your electrical/meridian system is overloaded;
  • Assists clearing the psychic channels in the spine, encouraging deep and slow breathing (which naturally slows the rate of kundalini energy being released into the system),
  • Helps to even-out the electrical energy flow in the body generally.
  • Also, courage is stimulated to cope with times of deep inner transformation.

(See also Cool Drops, above, for a more complete Menopause formula)

Muscular/skeletal aches and stiffness may seem to originate from external causes. However, there is always a reason for why you may overtax certain muscles, or push yourself beyond your own physical capabilities. Even seeming-accidents have subtle causes.

This formula may help release the stiffness in the muscular and skeletal systems, and to relax the body generally. And as with all flower essences, this formula will also address the underlying issue of your relationship to your physical vehicle on higher levels.

The Muscle/Bone—DeStress formula may bring swift relief from some muscular ailments:

  • when sprayed regularly onto damaged areas
  • when added to warm (not hot) bath water
  • when added to massage creams and oils (often also effective for skeletal stiffness)

Any persistent problems should, of course, always be referred to your healthcare professional for further advice and treatment.

Parasite Cleanse

Swiftly rids most (if not all) harmful internal parasites safely without toxic side-effects, and without killing them or destroying your useful symbiotic micro-organisms 

Ideal to safely use for humans, animals, and birdlife; and can also be used for plants.

  • The original creation of this formula was the result of a collaborative kinesiology session involving kinesiologist colleague Sarah West and myself. I had been inspired by the research of the now late Dr Hulda Clark who had implicated microscopic parasites (micro-organisms) as the physical support for sustaining many conditions of disease (an opinion shared, for example, by practitioners of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and also Traditional Chinese Medicine).
  • This formula has proven to be extremely effective in dispelling all harmful parasites from the body, including tapeworm! Harmful microscopic organisms may inhabit any area from the brain down to the intestines.
  • This formula is much easier on the body than herbal or medicinal preparations, or electronic gadgets, used to destroy harmful micro-organisms (leaving the debris inside the body for the already overtaxed immune system to cleanse), as it forces the parasites to leave by raising your frequency above their ‘comfort zone’, so that their voluntary evacuation is very swift, either via your stool (you’ll need loo paper!) or via your sinuses and the nose (you’ll need tissues!). Flower essences have also been included here for the psychological boundary issues behind parasitic infestation.
  • The Parasite Cleanse formula can also be used at monthly or bi-monthly intervals as a prevention against parasitic invasion, especially if you are a meat-eater, a raw-food eater (one of the reasons we cook food is to kill harmful microscopic parasites—note the frying method that is used in especially tropical climates), or you share a home with animals or birds. Even vegetarians can become easily infested with harmful parasites.
  • This is also an external spray and can be applied directly over the affected area, such as the abdomen, the liver, the breasts/lungs, or the brain—wherever there is a suspected abnormality in the cells. Parasites will occupy any area of the body where the immune system is weak, which means the places of lowest vibratory frequency. Our higher spiritual mind resonates at frequencies that do not attract harmful parasites.
  • For the onset of any disease or unbalanced health condition, the Parasite Cleanse should be considered as the first treatment before other more specific modalities, as it will free the body to absorb nutrients and assimilate other forms of healing more effectively. Flower Essences should never be regarded as the sole modality of treatment.

Assisting recovery from the shock of surgery / often eases pain

  • To hasten the recovery of the physical body after deep surgical cuts to the skin, which – while often necessary to sustain life – can severely stress the subtle consciousness in that vicinity and cause blockages of energy flow through major meridians.
  • There may also be some pain relief while the psyche lets go of the possible past-life memories of similar wounds that can amplify the pain experienced, and produce unnecessary and exaggerated shock. The mind is also primed to accept responsibility for your own healing and to have confidence and faith in your self-healing abilities.
  • This formula should not be used to replace the expertise of your healthcare professional, especially if the surgery has been of a serious nature. Other modalities may also be required to speed the repair of the wounds. However, the Post-Op formula has proven to be a highly beneficial adjunct to this process
Smoothing Shock-Waves

Eases physical aftershock from taking on ‘Hades’* trials successfully

  • Can be used in any situation where there may be an aftermath of shock in the body or mind due to a recent/immediate challenging experience.
  • Also recommended in all situations of post-traumatic stress.

(*More on the astrological Hades in Kerrie’s forthcoming book series)

Sleep Peace

Assists insomnia, nightmares, and restless sleep patterns, and is non-addictive

  • Assists disturbed sleep patterns and alleviates distress and physical restlessness while sleeping.
  • It stimulates deep breathing and helps to still the mind. (Other essences can be added for a more personal and specific attunement to the causes of the disturbance, if necessary).
  • Unlike medicinal or herbal preparations, the vibratory properties of flower essences do not cause morning side-effects or fatigue after waking.
  • This formula can also be used throughout the day in times of acute anxiety, when it will instil calmness without the experience of unnecessary drowsiness (the Stress-Free Zone formula may be more beneficial in some instances).
  • For sleep problems it can be used 10 to 15 minutes before retiring, or immediately after disturbances of sleep
Stress-Free Zone

Calms nervous system from stress and fear

  • To bring calmness and clarity to the nervous system and mind during times of stress.
  • All stress is generated by fear, which is usually the result of past-life conditioning in the psyche. This formula helps to alleviate the influence of these fears at every level of the aura, including the physical-etheric interface. It stimulates courage, and helps to maintain our consciousness in the Present.
  • The Stress-Free Zone can be used at any time to relieve tension or nervous conditions. It may also be used as a base for other formulas or individual essences that address difficult transformational and challenging issues

To be used at any time when there is sudden shock or crisis

  • It brings courage, calms the nervous system, and will help the mind to stabilise and be more present in the moment, assisting us to negate the habitual past-life emotional responses to present stimuli.
  • It may also be used when a current crisis period is weighing heavily on the spirit and the emotional nature.
  • Yet another benefit is that this formula opens a wider spiritual pathway to invoke the help of compassionate Beings in Spirit (the Transcendent Bodhisattvas) at times of great stress and challenge.
Toxin Expeller

Assists cleansing of toxins at resonant auric levels, including caffeine, tobacco, and residual anaesthetic, relieving usual side-effects

  • During times of inner cleansing, this formula may assist with the detoxification process, especially as flower essences help to resolve the issues that created the toxic build-up, at higher levels of the aura. Our bodies can store these toxic deposits, including heavy metals, when our emotional nature or thoughts, even when subconscious, become negative or toxic. This negativity, always based in fear, can trickle down through out field’s consciousness to manifest in the body, as our physical form begins to resonate with the vibratory frequencies of the physical toxins and poisons we encounter in life.
  • By raising the frequencies within the mind (and thus the auric bodies), the toxins are more easily dispelled from the physical body. Flower essences may be used as part of a regimen to cleanse the body and prevent the situation from worsening.
  • When our own vibratory frequencies are lowered, microscopic parasites are more likely to be able to infest the body. In this instance, the Parasite Cleanse formula may be used intermittently with the Toxin Expeller.

white flower by Steinar EngelandYour Purpose Collection

Designed to assist you in fulfilling your professional Purpose as a Career focus, whether you’re searching for your Purpose  or are well on the way. Ideal for educators / healers / social reformers of all paths; including specialised formulas for astrologers, body-workers, light-workers, spiritual mediums, counsellors, and flower essence producers, to assist their work directly and enhance their own personal development.

Abundant Flow

Allowing abundance in all its forms / relationship to money / the flow of the Tao

  • To assist you to develop a healthy relationship to money and all forms of abundance, allowing you to feel worthy and deserving of the energy flow that is your birthright.
  • While you cannot control the flow of the Tao in your life, the balancing and contrast of high times and lower times, you can become more open to the abundance of the flow itself, preventing stagnation and the frustrations that can keep you from fulfilling your goals.
  • A mind-set lacking an abundant flow is often a self-sabotage tool involving the Heart energy.
  • To Receive we must always begin with Giving.
After Sessions

After a day’s work consulting/counselling others 

  • To reinforce personal boundaries after sessions with clients.
  • To settle the mind after intense mental work/channelling.
  • Eases stress, brings back joy and laughter. 
  • Also use the Pure Space formula in your environment to uplift, and to clear emotional debris in the room.
Carer's Support

Stimulates our ability to find innovative solutions to the needs of others, and helps restore our inner balance when we have been overworked by a strained sense of responsibility or drained by the demands of others

  • Generates self-care so you may continue to serve others from a place of compassion and ‘un-conditionality’ while maintaining healthy boundaries.
  • Strengthens your willpower and vitality when you feel you are beginning to falter, thus leaving the subtle inner sabotage no room for mobilisation.
  • Also relates directly to those who have already accessed their Gift, especially in the healing and supportive fields, and have committed to the process of offering this gift to the world, while still feeling the stress of their personal Hades Concept* in the psyche or body.

(*Astrological reference related to my exclusive research—new book series due for publication late 2017–early 2018)

Chiron Bodhicitta-Booster

Resolve / maintaining our new perspective and new ‘identity’ after a transformational experience / ready for the next step in the world / remodelling the self for a higher cause / ‘bodhicitta’ (‘bodhimind’) = the ‘awakened mind’ dedicated to active compassion

  • Provides support when you’ve undergone a transformational experience and you are challenged to maintain the new perspective and the new identity you’re forming. This can be a time of insecurity as well as exuberance in your newfound expression.
  • Encourages you to let go of the past and to keep moving forward with your newly-gained Wisdom.
  • Through the benefits of these flower essences, you may be able to remain true to your higher destiny path without wavering in your self-confidence or resolve.
  • Especially useful for the Chiron Return which can occur between ages 49 and 51 (your astrologer can determine the date); or any major Chiron transit.
  • This formula may be followed by The Project formula.
The Consultant

Assisting all types of consultants / counsellors to develop empathy, focus, intuition, and ingenuity

  • Equally useful for one-to-one and group consultants / advisors.
  • Firstly, it addresses the mental focus and other attributes required for the task of assimilating information from others (extra essences can be added for astrology work, for ‘mandalic’ consciousness).
  • Secondly, it stimulates empathy and the communication skills needed when working directly with clients, including the courage and tact to refuse an ill-fitting prospective client.
  • Thirdly, this formula allows a stronger connection with your ‘Higher Inspiration’, and may stimulate intuition and ingenuity while working with others.
  • The After Sessions formula is recommended for recuperation after a day’s counselling / consultung work.
Healer's Healing

Lifting subtle self-sabotage involving healing or service careers, especially useful at the beginning phases of this work, or during stressful periods of inner doubt

  • For the healer who needs healing.
  • Lends support to your focus on long term goals and on your ability to effectively help others through compassionate concern.
  • Designed to assist you through a transitional phase of identity, reclaiming your former level of mastery from other incarnations.
  • It may be combined with the Hades*-Busting Base formula for added support.

(*More on Hades in my new book series, out soon.)

Life Purpose

Clearing blocks to awareness of your highest path; to help you access your true purpose in life, and also for those times when you are wavering and doubtful of your path

  •  Can be used as a foundation essence to accompany any other formulas or essences that may be specific to your goals.
  • Highly useful when added to the Hades-Busting Base to support you in your defiance of the Hades Concept, especially when Hades is related to your life’s work and gifts.
Listening Zone

All difficult negotiations / discussions / arguments

  • To help with all issues of dispute, argument, and negotiation.
  • Can be applied equally to intimate relationships as to business and social contacts.
  • Your sense of personal power is maintained, without the need for aggression or fear of rejection.
  • The forgiveness process is also stimulated in the Heart after damaging disputes have already occurred.
  • Persistent anger may begin to be dissolved, especially when rooted in deeply buried past-life circumstances.
  • And harsh words may be avoided through an enhancement of sensitivity towards others.
  • Your sense of inner authority and responsibility are also emphasised so that you do not fear ‘losing all’ if you don’t win.
  • Disputes may no longer take on an unconscious ‘life-and-death’ flavour, but become opportunities to discover new ways to relate through the creation of harmony, cooperation, genuine listening, and altruistic concern.
Outer Life

Helps over-sensitives to cope with the mundane world (may assist agoraphobic conditions of mind)

  • Often people with healing gifts are more sensitive than others to the energies of places and people in the outer world. This can lead to an aversion of living in the world, thus stifling the gifts that can be offered to humanity through service.
  • Helps protect the mind, stimulating feelings of trust, courage and motivation, and may assist with problems such as agoraphobia where there is a fear of leaving the protective shell of your home environment, even though this protection has become a prison.
  • If there is also a sensitivity or prolonged exposure to electro-magnetic radiation from power lines or electrical equipment and wifi, the EMR Shield formula may also be added to The Outer Life formula to further protect the auric mind-field and physical body.
The Project

Support in birthing your new project into the world; stimulating expanded vision, organising abilities, courage and resolve; to find inner strength and confidence

  • May be a support when you have already done much inner work and you’re ready to birth your new project into the world.
  • Help at every level of the manifestation process, from the practical organising abilities you must develop, to the new expansive vision of what can be possible.
  • Assists you to keep moving forward, despite the inevitable, unforeseen obstacles that may arise to test your resolve;
  • Lends inner strength and confidence even in the face of others’ negative expectations or ill advice.
Pure Space

Spiritually purifies and sanctifies rooms, altars, your own energy field; clearing negative influences
(Revised formula due to the unavailability of the Aloha MystEssences of Hawaii)

  • Has a purifying and uplifting effect on the Heart.
  • Relieving past trauma, while also stimulating you to allow blessings to flow into your life.
  • Can be used personally or for Feng Shui rituals, sprayed on furnishings, carpets, bedding, walls, etc; and sprayed into altar water bowls for increased blessings.
  • Additional flower essences can be included to compassionately assist trapped disincarnate beings in your environment (see also the more comprehensive Demon Deflector formula for heftier issues in this regard).
Reiki Teacher's Support

Spiritual identity / integration and focus / ajna-chakra stimulus / developing (Buddhist) Tantric skills
(see also the Bodhisattva Path formulas)

  • Attuning individuals to Reiki energy is a great responsibility as well as a great privilege. It requires a high degree of personal integrity and spiritual insight.
  • Reiki Teachers may benefit from this formula as it helps to maintain the spiritual focus in one’s everyday life, and to maintain the ‘self-image’ and lifestyle that is required of a spiritual teacher.
  • It also assists the development of one’s sensitivity and receptivity to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in Higher Realms of consciousness who assist with healing, especially when one’s lingering past-life issues may be a hindrance.

Helping to overcome the fear of speaking or writing your truth and wisdom ; assistance in standing up to corrupt authority figures

  • May be taken regularly to encourage the ability to speak up against injustices, to defy unjust authority figures, to stand up and not be one of the silent majority on important issues; and to be an innovative teacher for others. May also be taken on occasions of public speaking when past-life fears are prevalent of dying through speaking particularly against authorities.
  • Can also help with situations involving confrontational debate with others. Can be added with great benefit to the Power-Up formula, and to the Speak-Out formula when one’s efforts result in public speaking appearances.

Assists with absorbing / discerning / recalling information

  • To enhance your ability to maintain mental focus, to digest new information, to see the parts as a whole, and to retain the information for future recall. To aid the process of grasping information at more profound levels and developing a more intimate connection with the subject.
  • Intuition is also heightened for ‘reading between the lines’, and our powers of discernment are developed while we are stimulated to let go of any rigidly held beliefs we have been harbouring, even about our ability to remember facts.
  • Lastly, the body systems may consequently be supported (especially the spleen and nervous system) through assistance with the stress  from exam situations and deadlines, or other such schedules, to promote the successful outcome of our studies and mental or academic pursuits.
Z Teens Purpose

Assists with valuing your ideas / communication skills / feeling a connection with humanity / overcoming doubts

  • Gen Z is a special Generation. They are more concerned with the world situation than any other Generation, and they have the means within themselves to to do something about it. Being a Gen Z teenager at this time can be challenging, but this Gen has hit the ground running. They are willing to speak Truth to Power until they can take over with their own Power.This formula will assist in maintaining their ideals during this transition period.
  • Also supports confidence in oneself and the belief in one’s power to be effective in a crazy world
  • It stimulates the feeling of being united with humanity rather than apart from it, as the Z Generation are living within a current paradigm that challenges their innate sense of Freedom and Justice.


If your heath is at risk, or you are suffering a physical disease, or are in pain,
you are advised to consult your preferred health care professional.

Flower essences effect mostly the mind, not the body directly,
and are not a substitute for other modalities that heal at the physical level.

Although, flower essences can support the process
at higher levels of mind.

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