Flower Essences:

Healing Subtle Mind-Brain Sabotage

New Book by Kerrie Redgate

Flower Essences:

Healing Subtle

New Book by
Kerrie Redgate

New Book for 2025

In Flower Essences: Healing Subtle Mind-Brain Sabotage (volume 6 in my Astrology & Mind series), I describe in detail my clinical and personal research into how flower essences actually work, including the significance of the healing powers and consciousness within the plant kingdom, as now recognised by the Western scientific methods and, of course, the ancient traditions of Asia.

I’ve also decided to share some of my complex flower essence formulas, explaining my choices for the design of some of the most popular ones.

And in covering the history of flower essence production in modern times, from Dr Bach onwards, I  compare some of Bach’s ideas to the way you can use flower essences today to enhance your life in the 21st century.

Why Has There Been a Long Delay
with This Book?

'Flower Essences | Healing Subtle Mind-Brain Sabotage book cover by Kerrie Redgate

I had begun writing an enormous tome about my clinical research in 1998. After just 13 months, I found I’d written more than 500,000 words!  

Waaaay  too much for a single volume !

So I’ve spent recent years reorganising the manuscript (thanks to Scrivener!) into a book series of multiple trilogies. This has been possible due to the invention of print-on-demand and instantly downloadable ebook purchases within the indie-author revolution.

This means that several volumes can be published concurrently, without the one-year lag between them that occurs with traditional publishing.

That typical yearly delay had initially put publishing a series, rather than a single book, out of the question for me, as my research is an entegrated whole. So, with indie-publishing, immediately after finishing one volume of my work, you’ll be able to purchase the next one (in paper or digital, and eventually audio). I’m preparing the books in several sets of three volumes each, which will include  digital box sets, to start getting them out faster. 

This also means I can now have a single volume dedicated to flower essence therapy, due for publication in 2025 (along with a couple of the companion volumes in that trilogy roll-out). 

The initial launch of each of the books will be in various ebook formats (particularly Apple Books and Kobo, both ePubs), followed swiftly by a second launch in the paper version. And eventually there will be audio versions as well, which I’ll be narrating, myself.  

Series Queries

As it’s easy for me to forget all my own early questions from 4 decades ago — questions that had led to my discoveries — I am re-creating a new online SERIES QUERIES survey form, so that you can ask me any questions you may have about flower essence therapy (or any of the topics of my other books in the series — see details via the new Books Series website, KerrieRedgateAuthor.com).  I can then weave the answers to your private queries into my books, to benefit everyone.

Even without the Queries form, you can email me any questions you have.
Thank you!

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