Professional Ranges

My Personal Choices & Why

An Abundance of Professional Ranges

There is an ever-growing number of flower essence producers throughout the world today, creating essences from the magnificently abundant varieties of flowers on every continent of our planet. You can use these both professionally and personally.

The choice of ranges to use or employ
must be your own intuitive decision

The flower essences I have chosen for my own formulas have been sourced from reputable producers and from various parts of the world, especially the wilderness environments — from deserts to the tropics — as I find these open, natural environments to be the most beneficial for addressing the spiritual issues for my particular clients. 

However, my choice is not to be considered the definitive one, as every range has its own quality of energy. Also, I find there is often a natural resonance between oneself and the flower essence producers of the ranges we choose, as the  producer’s own qualities of mind have a subtle impact upon the flower essence tinctures they choose to create, as well as upon their own choice of environment.

The Ranges Included in My Bodhimind Essences Formulas

Using Various Ranges

I combine a selection of specific flower essences from these various ranges, at the stock level, to target common issues or enhance general qualities that can lead to an awakening of higher life purpose and fulfillment.

This unique selection of the stock essence formulas is then diluted into a mixture of brandy (as a natural preservative) and commercially filtered water (free of especially chlorine and industrial fluoride!), creating a personalised dosage bottle for your specific requirements, on-demand.

No dosage bottles are shelved as premade formulas. Only the stock formulas are pre-prepared.

In this way, each stock formula acts as a more comprehensive single essence; and the unique combination of formulas, from a large selection,  then creates a precise dosage formula which has more scope to address your individual needs. (See the A—Z Quick List page for the full list of formulas; or the Flower Essence Formulas page for individual descriptions within my 7 Collections.)

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