Pricing & Fees

Sessions & Your Essences
The Project single mist-spray 50ml bottle

50ml AUD$25

Ideal carry-size for
bag, pocket, desk drawer 
(top-up from 100ml bottle)

100ml AUD$35

Larger economical size.
Ideal for longer-term use,
& keeping at home

Study Boost formula bottles 50ml and 100ml

Save $5 per Bottle

Buy 2 or more bottles of
the same formula or mix
in any size combination
at the same time


save AU$10 for 2 bottles
save AU$15 for 3 bottles
save AU$20 for 4 bottles
save AU$25 for 5 bottles

Please note:

All bottles are deep blue glass with mist-spray tops, for EXTERNAL USE only.
Prices above do not include postage & packing

Each dosage bottle is 
individually prepared

as a comprehensive formula,

blessed with appropriate Buddhist mantras
to suit your requirements
—and made only on-demand

Flower Essence Consultation Fees

10-minute (max)

+ price of essences
+ postage & packing

Up to 30-minutes

+ price of essences
+ postage & packing

With full Astrology*

Yogacara Astrology fee
+ price of essences
+ postage & packing

And Also:

  • No Consultation fee for email or phone orders when you already know what you want to order
  • *No extra Consultation fee, apart from any of the normal Yogacara Astrology fees, if flower essences are ordered immediately after a full Yogacara Astrology consultation (see my Living With Exceptional Purpose website for details on my series of astrology consultations)
  • Within Australia: Orders are sent via Express Post for speed and tracking;
    Express Post & Packing fees in Australia (1 or 2 bottles) up to 500g is A$12.70
    501g to 1kg is A$16.20.
    Small boxes are available for larger orders, fee depends on weight.
  • For Australia, easy Credit/Debit card payments are available via Stripe on my Living With Exceptional Purpose website (and will be included on this site very soon)
    — other options available are Western Union globally (incurs a fee to WU);
    or bank transfer/depost within Australia (PayID is now available for almost immediate online bank transfers: you only need to fill in my name ‘Kerrie Redgate‘ and phone number in this format: +61-431325577 , rather than my bank details, when transferring money from your account, if your Australian bank, building society, or credit union has already implemented PayID)
  • Outside Australia: Orders are welcome with payments in advance (contact me first, or order via the Form button, below).
    I will then email you an invoice via Stripe containing a payment button right there. Too easy! And will send your parcel via a Standard (Air) Australia Post satchel or an Express (Air) Australia Post satchel: your choice (both trackable).
  • Postal charges will vary with a higher quantity of bottles, and destination

Know what you’d 
like to Order ?

Know what you’d
like to Order ?

Mobile +61.431325577
Brisbane Qld Australia
Email Kerrie HERE