Flower Essences Formulas

fast-track your highest aspirations
while stifling subtle

Personal External Mist Sprays

Also safe for use with children, animals, birdlife, and plants.
Flower Essences work directly on the mind, not the body.

To heal your mind is to heal the source of your ills.

70+ Formulas

in 50ml & 100ml
Blue Glass Bottles

“I LOVED Kerrie’s essences! I had issues with sabotage, and it was usually emotional or financial. Since using Kerrie’s flower essences, I have become incredibly financially stable and no longer have irrational emotional reactions…they were usually about men 😊.

“I found my astrological session with her to be very insightful and the flower essences were made from having this session. In a world where we too quickly reach for chemicals to cure every ailment, I really advocate Kerrie’s vibrational healing methods as a deep and reliable way forward.”

— Bianca

Dubai UAE

Why Flower Essences?

Modern Flower Essence Therapy was one of the (unintentionally) best-kept secrets of the 20th century.

While allopathic, naturopathic, and traditional methods have been focused on healing principally the body, flower essences—as vibrational remedies—can assist with emotional issues, survival crises, even mental and deeply unconscious issues, often resulting in spiritual insights; and they are now used in a number of hospitals and clinics around the world.

As a complement to the often necessary methods of direct physical healing, flower essences can work subtly in the background to gently heal the source of our ills—the subconscious mind. This can potentially speed the process of healing, significantly.

Back in the mid-1980s, I personally experienced the tremendous value of flower essences for myself, and have since continued to witness the same beneficial effects within hundreds of individuals (clients, students, and friends) during the past 30+ years.

Flower essences are also relatively inexpensive, and they never cause any harm.

The Purpose of this Site

As an Exceptional Purpose specialist, I originally developed the Bodhhimind Essences site for my clients, to make it easier for them to see what I had available within my Flower Essence Formula Collections

But I’ve now revised and redeveloped this site to offer more information on flower essence therapy, generally; and I’m hoping this may inspire you to try the mystical power of flower essence remedies for yourself.

The plant kingdom offers us so many blessings: oxygen, food, shelter, healing herbs and essential oils, fragrance, and the astonishing miracle of flowers — the spiritual consciousness of the plant, visible in 3D.

Bodhimind Essences are designed from a collection of flower essences made by reputable producers around the world.

These formulas can be combined in unique ways, and can be boosted with extra single flower essences for your added benefit. Each dosage bottle is prepared on-demand exclusively for you.

Some pages to get you started:

‘Bodhimind’ is a hybrid Sanskrit-Engish term for
the ‘awakened mind’.
This is the pristine mind of enlightenment,
awake to life as it is :
the mind of Compassion and inherent Wisdom

Note on the Images

The flower images appearing on this site are not intended to reflect the actual flower essence varieties I employ, but are included here to showcase the wondrous diversity of  beauty within the plant kingdom, to celebrate the astonishing creative individuality that is expressed by the consciousness of plants.

Plants were surely the first of all living things on this planet to express this abundant natural array of exquisite colour and designthere is no such thing as an ugly flower!