All Bodhimind Flower Essence Formulas

Abundant Flow
relationship to money / abundance / flow of Tao
Admetos-New Start
handling past/ancient grief (when sabotaging relationships)
After Sessions
astrologers, mediums, etc: renews boundaries & life-force after mental work or channelling
Argument-Free Zone
all challenging negotiations/discussions
Astrologer-Sessions (+Download)
preparation & consulting
Being Man
relationship/psychological challenges as ‘man’
Being Woman
relationship/psychological challenges as ‘woman’
Brain Revive
assists brain repair after stroke, accident, past drug abuse, Down’s Syndrome (in babies/very young children)
Brain Sweep
assists healing drug/alcohol dependency & effects
Carer’s Support
carers & healers esp. battling Hades/Admetos
Chemo-Balance (+Immune Boost)
to help ease negative side-effects from chemotherapy treatments
Chiron Bodhicitta-Booster
maintaining our altruistic intentions; ready for next transformational step
Clear Heart-Clear Mind
easing current bereavement with mental clarity
Clients Sessions
client’s discernment & focus during any counselling sessions
Cool Drops
assists all issues of Menopause—physical to spiritual
Cuts, Stings & Burns
faster healing / eases pain
Decision Time
making decisions from the Heart without fear
Demon Deflector
protection from inner-outer ‘demons’; also paranoia (helpful with drug rehabilitation)
Disease-Repair (+Immune Boost)
other essences can also be added for specific diseases/areas of body; healing at the level of mind
accessing one’s Inner Wisdom & Spiritual Guidance
EMR Shield
protects from electromagnetic radiation [computers etc]
Energy to Burn
revitalising the body / healing low vitality
Essence of Vajrayana
Buddhist Tantra meditation / eases ‘rlung’
Family Peace
harmonising parent-child-sibling animosity/abuse
Food Mood
food addictions /disorders /control
For Arts Sake
inspiring all artistic pursuits
Four Great Gifts
assists development of psychic sense
Fresh Arrival
long distance travel, esp. flight, & eases health hazards
Grace of Maturity
honouring/valuing the aging process
Grounding Light
clears blocks in body/subtle channels during heightened spiritual experiences; prevents dizziness
Hades-Busting Base
dispelling self-sabotage & unconscious anxiety; highly comprehensive base for other formulas
Hades Transits
bringing Light & positivity during dark times
Happy Drops
eases deep depression / renews inspiration to live
Healers’ Healing
Hades challenge to healing/service career
all issues of finding/leaving a home
all issues of relocating self & possessions
Honest Truth
self-honesty / issues of dishonesty
Immune Boost
assists immune system on all levels of mind
Initiation-Reiki Students
assists past-life initiation traumas
Inner Searchlight
getting to the core of our issues
Intimate Heart
fear of intimacy – psychological & /or physical
Kama Sutra-Enhancer
clearing fears & enhancing love-making
Kinesiology:Birth Times
helps to clear sabotage / also for dowsing
helps to clear sabotage at high levels of mind (Hades etc)
Kundalini Calm
Eros &/or Pluto transits affecting energy levels / nervous system / meridians / menopause [see also Cool Drops]
Life Purpose
clearing blocks to awareness of our path
‘midlife crisis’ & all other Neptune transits
‘midlife crisis’ & all other Pluto transits
‘midlife crisis’ & all other Uranus transits
Muscle/Joint De-Stress
eases muscular & skeletal tension & damage
tuning into the plant devic world & ecology
New Ground
support after loss of our old ‘self’ or lifestyle
assists recovery from tobacco addiction
The Outer Life
helps over-sensitives cope with the outer world
Paramita of Generosity
giving with Heart & detachment
Paramita of Meditation
clearing mental delusions / focus
Paramita of Patience
to heal anger / develop compassion
Paramita of Vigilance
maintain ethical discipline / mastery
Paramita of Wisdom
inner truth / wisdom of emptiness
Paramita of Zeal
joyous effort / initiation / resolve
Parasite Cleanse
safely rids harmful parasites including fluke worm by raising, not lowering, your body’s frequency
recovery from surgery / healing energetic bodies / eases pain
energises personal power with humility
Preparing the Passage
spiritual support for the terminally ill
The Project
support to envision/organise/complete new projects
Pure Space
purifies, sanctifies rooms & protects one’s subtle mind
healing guilt-regret / negative karma residue from this or previous lives
Reiki Master’s Support
spiritual identity / integration & focus / 3rd-Eye stimulus / access Tantric skills
Safe Boundaries-for Giving
giving with wisdom not entanglement
Sexual Empowerment-Man
healing sexual abuse trauma
Sexual Empowerment-Woman
healing sexual abuse trauma
Skin Toner-Men
assists healing skin conditions & psychological influences (for use under moisturisers, sunscreens)
Skin Toner-Women
assists healing skin conditions & psychological influences (for use under moisturisers, sunscreens)
Sleep Peace
assists insomnia & restless sleep patterns
Smoothing Shock Waves
physical aftershock from taking on Hades & other trials successfully
Soul Stirring
beginning or next level of spiritual awakening
fear of public speaking/stage-work
Spirit Recharge
to reaffirm our spiritual identity & purpose
Spiritual Passage
to assist the dying at the time of death
fear of speaking/writing your truth/wisdom
Stress-Free Zone
calms nervous system from stress & fear
Study Boost
absorbing / discerning / recalling information
combining many of the existing ‘shock’ (physical or emotional) formulas plus other individual essences
Toxin Expeller
assists cleansing of toxins at all levels including caffeine, tobacco & anaesthetic
Writers Unblock
inspiration & courage for all writing projects when subtle or gross fear is present
personal editing stage
Writers-Final Stages
working with editors & publishers
creative inspiration for all forms of writing

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